Thursday, April 12, 2007

Intruder Joins The Rio de Vida Family

In my last post I wrote about the live bait we use most in the Pantanal and I promised to share about artificial lures in the future. Thankfully I've got better news than that to share with you.

Intruder Baits has now become an official partner of Rio de Vida Fishing Tours, our very first. Our goal is to offer our clients the best equipment and tackle possible and with Intruder Baits, we are confident that we are doing just that.

For the past several days I have been talking with Dusty Moulton, owner and designer of Intruder Baits. Beyond being a super nice guy, he is a man with a desire to make the best lure possible at the best price. And I am not exaggerating. He has the best priced high quality lures I've found anywhere, bar none!

This is his Pro-Shad line and it is just what the doctor ordered for reeling in the really big dorado and payara. With 3-D eyes, moulded gills and hand painted bodies, these rascals will fool even the craftiest fish. Fishing for dorado and payara is quite similar to bass, except the catches are much larger and the fish have a lot more fight in them. Intruder lures are tough and will help you land your trophy.

Don't wait to come to Brazil to try them out. Go to your nearest bait and tackle shop and pick up some Intruder lures today. Or you can purchase them online at their website:

Dusty also makes custom knives that are beautiful. I have honestly never seen anything like them before in my life. Each one is a work of art. Check out his knife website at:

We are proud to be partnered with a great company like Intruder and a fine man like Dusty Moulton. Thanks Dusty!

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