Sunday, April 1, 2007

New Fish Discovered in Brazil

Researchers Rodrigo Moura and Kenyon Linderman began studying a species which many believed to be a snapper that inhabits the Northeast region of Brazil. Bauna or carapitanga was already well known by local fisherman and identified by its six white vertical stripes but researchers realized that this fish had never been cataloged.

Named Lutjanus alexandrei, in honor of Alexandre Rogrigues Ferreira, a 19th century Brazilian naturalist, it has been found as far north as Maranhão down to the south of Bahia. Bauna are predominately nocturnal. They hatch in thick seaside marshes where food and protection are plentiful and then migrate to deep waters. They are usually found around coral reefs.
The information for this article comes from the latest online edition of Pesca e Cia, Brazil's largest sportfishing magazine. The article is only in Portuguese but it can be found at:

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The Whit said...

Intresting news, I still find it hard to beleive that a fish like this has not been cataloged. Too bad it's so plain looking, when will they find the unique lookin' fish?