Monday, March 19, 2007

Back Home Again

Wow! I guess you can see by the big smile on my face and the beautiful dorado in my hands that we had a great time fishing in the Pantanal. We only fished for two and half days but it was awesome.

Let me give a quick report. First, the weather was great. It only rained one day and then only for a few hours. It was hot but not unbearable. You definitely want to bring sun protection. I used SPF 50 and still got burned on my legs the last day. The mosquitoes were basically non-existent except at night. We had a few ankle-biters but a quick shot of OFF! took care of them. At night you will need to use some type of repellent.

OK, what you really want to know, how was the fishing. In one word, UNBELIEVABLE!!!. Even though it was only the first week of the season, the dorado and pintado were biting like mad. Each time we went out, we caught something within the first ten minutes. The last day, I cast in my line as the boat was approaching our spot and immediately got a hit and reeled in a 8 lb dorado.

Rogerio was reeling them in as well. Our guides knew the best spots to take us. We only went about about an hour or so down river so we didn't make it to where the really big ones are. And the river is really high right now. As the river level drops over the next few weeks, we'll be catching the 20+ lb dorado and 50+ lb pintado.

Over the next few days I'll be post more pictures and giving more information about what we experienced. I also have some video of the acrobatic leaps that dorado make trying to escape your hook. It'll blow you away. Sprinkled in the mix we'll be reporting on the history and culture of this region of Brazil.

When you are ready for a fishing experience like no other, give us a call at 1-800-582-2105.

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